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Digital Marketing Solutions

Our Leading Services

We offer a suite of services that are tailored to help your business grow. From lead generation and content creation, to social media marketing and SEO, we can get the most out of your marketing budget.

Athletic WebDesign

Lead Generation

We'll help you reach more prospects and turn them into loyal customers using social media and search engine marketing.

Flow Chart

Marketing Automations

With automations, you can set up marketing campaigns and communications to run on autopilot, so you can focus on your business.


Content Creation

We can produce copywriting, graphics, website designs, videos, and more that will capture attention and deliver your message effectively.

Meeting Between Colleagues

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

With a little help, you can make sure your business is visible and attractive to both search engines and users.



Jeremy Langlitz thrives on bringing visions to life. With a storied past in Media Productions, Jeremy uses his creative touch to maximize success for his clients. Before  launching Promo Puppy, he garnered 20+ years of experience working in the creative world specializing in photography, commercials, documentaries, and other short-form video projects for churches and nonprofits.

His extensive experience allows him to work with companies, churches, and non-profits to create marketing strategies, lead-generation campaigns, website designs and development, and content creation. 

Our Marketing Approach


We recognize that marketing is just a part of a client's journey. The traditional view of marketing is a funnel. In this approach, a Marketing team's job is completed once the lead has been handed to the Sales team.


Instead, we view Marketing as a flywheel. This holistic approach recognizes that your ad spend is just one part of a client's lifetime value. When you work with us, we'll customize your marketing strategy to a budget that considers the entire customer journey.

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Our Approach -

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