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About Us

Our company's unique approach to marketing and advertising is based on a principle we term "Smart Start": We begin with the end in mind. It's that straightforward. What sets us apart is our passion for attracting leads, converting clients, and creating fans. Each stage is important to creating an atmosphere for your business to grow. Because we can assist you at each stage is what makes us your company's best friend!


Cost of Acquisition: The Most Important Number in Your Marketing Plan

If you've ever been in a Marketing pitch, you've probably heard the company ask, "What's your budget?" This is the wrong approach to Marketing. It doesn't matter what your business can afford. What matters is how much you are spending to acquire a lead.


Every lead represents a percentage of your revenue. So you want a Marketing company that will keep that top of mind. There are many channels to market to potential leads in today's virtual world. Let's talk about what can and cannot work for your business.

The Perfect Companion to Your Profit Puppy!

Your Profit Puppy is your service or product that produces the most significant portion of your company's profits. Like a real puppy, you care for and protect it passionately. You also want to make sure it's being fed!

Your Promo Puppy is that fluffy, cuddly advertisement or promotion that attracts leads to sign up for your service. Our business is all about creating the best marketing strategy to bring you relevant leads.


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